Burial Order

What is a burial order?

A burial order is an order given by the deceased to the heir or heirs for burial.

What is a burial order for?

A burial order serves primarily to counteract the arbitrariness of the heirs and the possible disputes associated with it. If the testator orders a certain type of burial, there is usually no room for dispute. It is advisable to regulate the details of the funeral in a funeral order with a lawyer specializing in inheritance law in Frankfurt, so that the wishes of the deceased are also respected.

What can I regulate in a burial order?

A burial order regulates the type of burial of the deceased. A distinction is made between different burial orders: burial order, cremation (cremation) order, burial at sea order. In the case of cremation, the ashes are placed in an urn. These can be buried in various places in Frankfurt. In a cemetery forest, in a cemetery or at sea. There are relevant rules that must be respected. The funeral arrangements can also be specified in detail in the burial decree. From the invitation of mourners to the musical accompaniment.

What should I put in a burial order?

The burial decree (regardless of whether it is a cremation decree, a burial-at-sea decree or a burial-in-ground decree) must unequivocally express the will of what is to be taken into account in the burial of the deceased.

How and in what manner do I grant a burial decree in Frankfurt?

A burial order fulfills the formal requirements of a will. In this case the same rules of testamentary disposition apply for it to have legal effect. Although a formally invalid wish is often fulfilled, the will to implement it among the heirs is often lacking if the funeral is associated with considerable additional costs that reduce the estate.

How and where do I keep the burial order in the best way?

To ensure the implementation of one’s own will at the funeral of the deceased, it is necessary to clarify the custody of one’s own will. Attached to a will, it can be deposited with the court. This does not increase the costs of depositing the will.

How much does a burial order cost?

As for the burial decree itself, i.e., written and signed in one’s own handwriting, it costs nothing. Even a provision inserted as a separate clause in a will at the notary in Frankfurt does not incur any further costs. However, in case of special wishes, the advice of a lawyer specializing in inheritance law in Frankfurt should always be sought. In most cases, the costs are covered by an initial consultation, i.e. € 190 plus VAT.  

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